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Inquiry Form Concerning WEEE information for Treatment facilities

Step1, Please fill out the Form. (The steps are a total of three)

We receive an inquiry concerning WEEE information for Treatment facilities <Directive 2002/96/EC of The European Parliament and of The Council (WEEE Directive) Article 11> on this form.
Since we adopt SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) and correspond to the encryption of transmitting data in order to protect personal information and the others, customers can use this web site safely.

Precaution to be observed in using the form

  • If you do not fill in a blank of mark (*), you can not transmit this data.
  • When you fill out each item, please don't use platform dependent characters.
  • Please note that we cannot always answer any and all inquiry, particularly which is for the purpose of questionnaire or sales promotion of commodities or services.
  • Contents which are input and transmitted from this page are protected by the Privacy Policy of Fujitsu General properly.
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