Environment : Activities in Products development Environmentally-friendly Products

Standard and Evaluation of Product Environment Assessment

"Green Products" are the products of which overall assessment score is higher than standard point (80 points) and there is no lowest point in all assessment items. And among them, the products which have the top level (Note1) of environmental performance are designated as "Super Green Products".

Introduction of development example of the super green product

Room air conditioner nocria GN series
(AS-GN22/25G-W, AS-GN28/40/56G2W)

[Reason for certification] The product has the best environmental performance in the industry

nocria GN series enabled the heating operation even at the outside temperature of -25°C by utilizing the technology corresponding to cold area cultivated in overseas market in addition to realizing warm and comfortable air conditioning with high heating capacity.

Note1 Top level :
In case of the first place, first place tie, or a close second.
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