Environment : Environmental Management Antipollution measures / Emergency reaction training

Activities for pollution prevention

Noise / Vibration

Both noise and vibration levels at the manufacturing and recycling group companies are largely below the regulation level.
Also, there was no introduction of facility / instrument in FY2016 which is increasing factor of noise and vibration.

Measures against air pollution

Regular checks are carried out at business offices and factories which have smoke generation facility. Also, regular inspections of duct for local exhaust are conducted and filter exchange is made as necessary to prevent air pollution.

Duct inspection at Fujitsu General Central Air-conditioner (WUXI) Co., Ltd.

Emergency response drill

Measures against fire / disaster prevention

Each company of Fujitsu General Group is verifying the risk of environmental pollution in case of fire and implementing the training periodically. Especially, in the group companies manufacturing air conditioners where many plastic parts and materials are stored and the discharge of harmful gas due to combustion by fire is concerned, hands-on training focusing the experience is conducted in cooperation with fire-fighting organization in the area where the factory resides.

Fire-fighting drill at Fujitsu General Central Air-conditioner (WUXI) Co., Ltd.

Measures for oil leakage

The business offices and group companies storing boiler fuel and oil such as heavy oil for power generation in an emergency are conducting accident handling training periodically assuming the leakage accident.

Heavy oil leakage accident response drill at head office

Prevention of pollution of chemical substance

To prevent pollution by chemical substance, the procedure to prevent the diffusion at the time of leakage is checked periodically.

Also, the equipment using polychlorinated biphenyl which was used in the factory premises in the past and the parts containing polychlorinated biphenyl used for the collected products are stored properly in the special storage warehouse of the head office until destruction treatment is carried out.

Training to handle lubricating oil leakage accident at Aomori Business Office

Inside the polychlorinated biphenyl storage warehouse at head office

Measures against large-scale disaster

As Hamamatsu Business Office is situated in the seismic center area (estimated maximum seismic intensity 7) of Nankai Trough giant earthquake and visited by many people, the measures at the time of suffering is an important issue. Therefore, the training supposing the outbreak of large-scale disaster is conducted with the participation of all people working in the office.

Disaster evacuation drill at Hamamatsu Business Office