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Environment education

Fujitsu General is conducting the environmental education at the new employee training and executive staff training which is the basic education of human resources and also implementing the environmental education systematically at various work places.

In order to train internal environmental auditors and improve their skills, we invite external lecturers to educate auditors.

Internal auditor training

Environmental enlightenment for employees

Eco driving measurement using fuel meter was conducted from June to August targeting some of the cars of sales and service departments that are company cars for business operation. Although the effect varied due to the difference in driving distance and the use of air conditioner, the overall fuel economy improved. We received some positive opinions from participants such as, "I would like to extend Eco driving to my friends in the workplace".

Fuel meter installed

  Type of car Normal driving
Eco driving
(June to Aug)
Improvement rate
A Compact van 14.4km/L 17.1km/L 19%
B Compact van 14.5km/L 14.7km/L 1%
C Light one-box car 12.2km/L 10.4km/L -15%
D Light one-box car 9.3km/L 9.5km/L 2%

Result of eco driving measurement at sales and service