Environment : Environmental Management Environmental Communication

Activities at production bases

Fujitsu General has been publishing environmental report every year since 1999 reporting the environmental activities of Fujitsu General Group along with the message of Top Management.
Also, as the transmission of environmental information via website is enriched, the environmental report can be obtained by anybody on the website.

Environmental page on the website

Introduction of products' environmental technologies

We introduce environmental technologies of products through catalogs, product introduction pages on websites and exhibitions.

Product introduction page (website)

At the air conditioner exhibition
(AHR EXPO 2017, America)

Communication with suppliers

Introduction of environmental performance for dealers

We arrange the explanation meeting for suppliers to introduce the environmental performance of the products to many customers. Fujitsu General (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. held a new product presentation and explained the environmental performance of new products.

At the new product presentation (Taiwan)

Measures for chemical substances contained in the products

To control the chemical substances contained in the products by the supply chain as a whole, we are introducing the chemical substance control system of Fujitsu General Group to suppliers and also asking for the cooperation regarding the establishment of chemical substance control system at suppliers.

Green Procurement Directions/ Specified Chemical Substances List

Fujitsu General is requesting dealings based on the individual standards of Fujitsu General Group in addition to the Green Procurement Direction of Fujitsu Group.

Green Procurement