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Environmental Accounting (FY2016)

Environmental Conservation Cost

(million yen)

Item Main Contents Cost
Area Cost
Pollution Prevention Cost Air / water pollution protection, etc. 155
Global Environmental
Conservation Cost
Global warming prevention / Energy saving, etc. 505
Resource Circulation Cost Resources effective use, industrial waste disposal, etc. 247
Upstream / Downstream Costs Collection / Recycling of used products, etc. 35
Administration Cost Environmental management system,etc. 46
R & D Cost R & D of environmentally-friendly products, etc. 372
Social Activity Cost Donation for natural environmental protection, etc. 2
Environmental Remediation Cost Repair cost relating land and underwater pollution 0
Total 1,362

Economic Benefit Associated with Environmental Conservation Activities

(million yen)

Item Main Contents Benefit
Estimated Benefit Assumed effect by control of environmental protection facility and development of environmentally-friendly products 1,181
Actual Benefit Profit on sale of valued articles, reduction of waste disposal cost, etc. 1,491
Total 2,672

Cost and economic effect in FY2016

As a result of summarization of FY2016, the environmental conservation cost was 1.36 billion-yen (5% increase from the previous year), and the economic effect of environmental conservation measures was 2.53 billion yen (5% decrease from the previous year).

The environmental conservation cost increased due to the increased research and development costs to respond quickly to the global energy saving regulations and refrigerant regulations and updating of analytical instruments to strengthen chemical substance management systems.