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Activities at production bases

Reduction of LPG usage in production process

LPG is used in many processes of air conditioners such as painting, drying of heat exchanger, brazing process of copper piping. Then, we verified the past method to use LPG and took thorough efforts to eliminate wastes.

Fujitsu General (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. carried out the measures to reduce the consumption of LPG by stopping the operation of boiler and drying furnace in the assembly process of heat exchangers during breaks.

Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd. adopted a pretreatment agent which can be painted at room temperature in the painting process and reduced the use of LPG without using boilers by eliminating the heating process.

Also, FGA (Thailand) Co., Ltd. saved fuel by updating aluminum die-cast melting and holding furnace from LPG only type to hybrid type which can be commonly used with electricity. By these efforts, we reduced the amount of LPG used in FG Group by about 315 tons per year.

Drying furnace of
Fujitsu General (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Painting process of
Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Aluminum die-cast melting and holding furnace of
FGA (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Reduction of power consumption by updating to energy saving air conditioners

Fujitsu General Group is working on the reduction of power consumption by positively adopting air conditioners with high energy saving performance developed by our company.

Fujitsu General Central Air-Conditioner (WUXI) Co., Ltd. reduced the number of indoor units by updating multi air conditioning system for buildings (VRF) and reduced the power consumption by about 60MWh per year which is equivalent to 41% of the pre-renewal power.

Also, Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd. updated 35 single air conditioners to VRF and reduced approximately 41MWh per year which is equivalent to 13% of the power before renewal.

Activities at Kawasaki Head Office

Reduction of electricity by efficient operation of laboratory

The laboratory which evaluates the performance of air conditioners consumes a lot of electricity to measure the cooling/heating performance by changing the temperature condition on indoor unit side and outdoor unit side. Then, we analyzed the use conditions of the laboratory and reviewed the operation rule such as optimization of the preliminary operation time in the test preparation work and system to operate the timer on holidays and at nighttime. Furthermore, we implemented the measures to save electricity by changing the harmony equipment in the test room to room air conditioners with high energy saving performance.

As a result, we reduced approximately 640MWh per year which is equivalent to 5.2% of the electricity used for the laboratory in FY2013.

Air conditioner evaluation test room at the head office