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Environment burden in manufacturing process of parts / software

We, at whole Fujitsu General Group, are asking all our suppliers for the establishment of environmental management system. The environmental management systems of the suppliers are classified by the level of establishment and we are assisting the establishment and operation of environmental management system for the suppliers of level 1.

Management of chemical substance contained in parts

Fujitsu General Group is implementing the survey of the contained chemical substance by AIS (Note 2)/MSDS Plus (Note 3) provided by JAMP (Note 4) and at the same time, asking suppliers to establish CMS (Note 5) based on the "Product contained chemical substance guideline"

Regarding CMS of suppliers, auditing staff of Fujitsu General Group are visiting suppliers and checking the situations of establishment and operation and if necessary, supporting the level-up as needed.

Note 1 Simplified environmental management system :
Suppliers’ own environmental management system.
Note 2 JAMP :
Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium
Note 3 AIS :
Article Information Sheet. Transmission sheet of chemical substance contained in molded articles.
Note 4 MSDS Plus :
Material Safety Data Sheet Plus. Transmission sheet of chemical substance contained in chemical substance/compounding agent.
Note 5 CMS :
Chemical substance Management System
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