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Conservation of biodiversity

Fujitsu General Biodiversity Action Principles

In order to specifically tackle biodiversity under the Fujitsu Group common philosophy, we rearranged the "Fujitsu Group Biodiversity Conduct Guidelines" of Fujitsu Limited for Fujitsu General and formulated the "Fujitsu General Biodiversity Action Principles" in 2012.

Conservation of biodiversity

Expansion of green area in the premises by planting trees

As the trees in the industrial estate are limited to street trees and green areas in the premises, Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is expanding the living environment of creature and also planting trees in the premises and widening the green spaces so as to be used as a place for recreation for employees.

Planting of trees at Fujitsu General (Thailand)

Establishment of ecosystem network with biotope

Hamamatsu Business Office opened a biotope in the green area of the premises in FY2012 and are maintaining it. At present, the natural breeding of released Tanakia lanceolata (Shizuoka Prefecture RDB endangered IA) has been confirmed and endemic plants and animals are inhabiting and growing such as endemic species of Broussonetia Kazinoki, Prunella vulgaris. We will contribute to the establishment of ecosystem network with surrounding area of the office and the realization of preservation of rare creature while continuing the maintenance.

External view of the biotope of Hamamatsu Business Office

Animals and plants inhabiting and growing in the biotope

Tanakia lanceolata

Prunella vulgaris

Participation in social activities concerning environment

Participation in volunteer activities of Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu Limited is conducting a volunteer activity jointly with Kawasaki City to prevent the forest devastation in the special green space conservation area which is a precious nature remaining in the city suburbs. The employees of Fujitsu General are also participating. In FY2016, we cooperated to create a sunny environment in the undergrowth by cutting young trees of evergreen trees.

Green space conservation activity in Kawasaki City

Weeding and cleaning activities for community

Fujitsu General Group regularly carries out weeding and cleaning activities around the offices. At the head office, cleaning of the walkway from SAKADO railway crossing adjacent to the office to the motorcycle garage of the head office and the sideway from JR MUSASHI MIZONOKUCH Station to MUSASHI SHINJO Station is conducted. Also, Fujitsu General Electronics Limited is conducting cleaning activity around JR ICHINOSEKI Station and weeding work around the office.

Weeding and cleaning activities at each business office

Head office

Aomori Business Office

Fujitsu General Electronics Limited

Supporting for and exchanging with local communities

Fujitsu General Group is positively engaged in the activities to deepen the support for and exchange with local communities.

Fujitsu General New Zealand Ltd., a sales subsidiary, is positively supporting various projects in the local community setting the policy of the "Business to contribute to the local community" and in FY2016, donated air conditioners in support of a housing support activity for people living in an inferior living environment by NGO group Habitat For Humanity (Note 1).

Also, Fuji Eco Cycle Co., Ltd. is holding plant tour meetings for local schools and municipalities to deepen their understanding of the household electrical appliance recycling system.

Plant tour meeting of Fuji Eco Cycle

Note1 NGO group Habitat For Humanity :
International NGO group working in more than 70 countries in the world