Environment:Policy / Environmental Action Plan Environmental Action Plan Stage VIII

As the 3-year activities toward the achievement of "Mid-term Environmental Plan", we established the "Environmental Action Plan Stage VIII" in April, 2016 and are promoting the environmental management. In the "Environmental Action Plan Stage VIII", we set four major challenges of activities of "Measures against global warming", "Resource circulation", "Chemical substance management" and "Contribution to environmental society" and are promoting the environmental activities with both reduction of environmental burden and enhancement of corporate value as a banner.

Measures against global warming

As an effort to reduce CO2 emissions at the time of product use(note1), the design department pursued energy saving performance in the product development and the sales department promoted the activities on the theme of the sales expansion of air conditioners with high energy saving performance. We will continue to work on achieving the mid-term environmental plan.

In addition, in order to improve energy consumption efficiency, we promoted the activities focusing on reducing waste taking the environment into consideration such as creating a system for efficient operation of laboratories with high power consumption and switching the electricity used at the head office and Hamamatsu Business Office to new electricity with less environmental burden when generating power.

Resource circulation

As an effort to improve 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) technology, Fuji Eco Cycle Co., Ltd., which carries out the recycling of household appliances, started the activity to recycle the refrigerant recovered from air conditioners and reuse it as a refrigerant for filling at the time of new installation and maintenance in the domestic market.

Also, in order to streamline resource utilization, we promoted the activities to raise the ratio of recycling process conducted by our company setting the theme of improving the separation and selection capability of disposed household electrical appliances.

Chemical substance management

In order to reduce emissions of specified chemical substances, the design and production departments switched the rust inhibitors applied to the products in the production process of motors to the alternatives with low organic solvent (toluene, xylene) content.
Also, in order to promote procurement of materials with less environmental burden, the procurement department is conducting guidance and information sharing which strengthens the chemical substance management system at suppliers.

Environmental contribution to society

As to the efforts at our business offices, we expanded the scope of activities by developing company-wide activities leading to coexistence with local communities such as beautification activities around the premises and eco-driving practices.

In our efforts for suppliers, we also supported their efforts to conserve biodiversity and conducted information sharing.

Image on the activities of Fujitsu General Group for environmental management

1. Measures against global warming

1) Increase of contribution volume of CO2 reduction

Department Theme FY2018 target
(Compared to FY2013)
FY2016 results
Design/Sales Reduction of CO2 emission when using product More than 8% reduction 1.3% reduction

2) Improvement of energy consumption efficiency

Department Theme FY2018 target
(Compared to FY2013)
FY2016 results
Design Reduction of electricity of assessment test facility More than 10% reduction 5.2% reduction
Production Reduction of electricity usage More than 6% reduction in production basic unit Domestic: 6.9% reduction
Overseas: 2.9% increase
Reduction of gasoline and light oil usage More than 6% reduction in production basic unit Domestic: 13.0% reduction
Overseas 69.0% reduction
Reduction of LPG usage More than 6% reduction in production basic unit Domestic: 46.2% reduction
Overseas 15.6% increase
Sales/Logistics Improvement of product transportation efficiency More than 10% reduction per sales quantity 0.8% reduction

2. Resource circulation

1) Improvement of 3R technology

Department Theme FY2018 target
(Compared to FY2013)
FY2016 results
Design/Service Increase of use of recycling materials
  1. Closed recycling
  2. Use of recycled fluorocarbons in service
  1. More than 100 tons/year
  2. 100%
  1. 111 tons
  2. 100% (East area)
Recycling Improvement of decomposition / selection capability (Recycling rate)
  1. Internal production rate of refrigerator compressor decomposition
  2. Metal recovery rate
  1. More than 86%
  2. More than 80%
  1. 90%
  2. 93%
Increase of reuse (Recycling of recovered fluorocarbons) More than 98% 99%

2) Streamlining of resource usage

Department Theme FY2018 target
(Compared to FY2013)
FY2016 results
All departments Reduction of water usage More than 6% reduction in each basic unit index


  • Domestic: 9.7% reduction
  • Oversea: 15.0% increase


  • 6.8% increase
Reduction of disposed articles
  1. Reduction of disposal volume
  2. Reduction of total disposal article generation
  1. Recycling rate more than 99%
  2. More than 20% reduction in production basic unit
  1. Domestic:91.3%
  2. Domestic:6.7% reduction
    Overseas:7.9% increase

3. Chemical substance management

1) Reduction of specified chemical substance emission

Department Theme FY2018 target
(Compared to FY2013)
FY2016 results
Design/Production Reduction of emission of specified chemical substances (Note 2) used at production Less than 30% (Less than 395kg) 61.6% (810kg)

2) Promotion of parts/materials with less environmental burden

Department Theme FY2018 target
(Compared to FY2013)
FY2016 results
Procurement EMS (Note 3) establishment at all overseas suppliers
(Ratio of suppliers of higher than EMS establishment Level II)
Higher than 90%
  1. Confirmation of the level of supplier
  2. Individual guidance
  1. Completed
  2. Started guidance
Strengthening of chemical substance management system in supply chain
(Rate of suppliers where the management is implemented properly)
100% 100%

4.Environmental contribution to society

1) Promotion of activities at business offices

Department Theme FY2018 target
(Compared to FY2013)
FY2016 results
All departments Implementation of contribution activities rooted in local community Target setting for each business office
  1. Beautification activity around business office (All business offices)
  2. Promotion of use of rain water (All business offices)
  3. Protection of rare plants (Head office)
  1. Implemented
  2. Checking present situation
  3. Checking the cooperation with local government

2) Promotion of activities at suppliers

Department Theme FY2018 target
(Compared to FY2013)
FY2016 results
Procurement Promotion of activities for bio diversity conservation at suppliers
(Based on Fujitsu Group Green Procurement Standard)
Level-up of activities at suppliers
  1. Statement of activities for bio diversity conservation
  2. Actual results of substantial activities
  1. Checking present situation of suppliers
  2. Studying support measures for activities

note1 Reduction of CO2 emissions at the time of product use :
Based on the power consumption of the room air conditioners for domestic market in FY2013, the reduction ratio was assumed from the sales volume and degree of improvement in power consumption in that year.
note2 Specified chemical substances :
Two substances, xylene and toluene, identified as chemical substance to be specified for reduction as a result of assessment of hazard and usage by Fujitsu General Group.
note3 EMS:
Environmental Management System
All images shown are for illustration purpose only.